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Mon, Apr. 4th, 2005, 08:09 pm

Well I haven't updated for weeks, so I thought I'd put in a post. Well I've been back home for about a week and a half and I've really enjoyed it. My own bathroom, lounge, pantry, it's great! But I'm missing Wellington, I love it there! It's the greatest city, always something to do. The hostels good. People on my floor are real nice but I miss my SHC friends even though they're 5-10mins away. Guess its a growing up process. The food is...well lets just say I've adjusted. It's amazing what I can eat now! University is so awesome, now I wonder how I survived school! Although I still have a damn steep hill to walk up each day! I'm beginning, wait I've begun to not liking French. It's taught so differently and I kind of want to give it up at the end of the year which is real sad.

Hepled Irmie and Rob unpack their stuff into their new house on Friday. It was so good catching up with them. It sucks they won't be in Wellington next year now! Went into town on Friday night to celebrate Rosie's birthday and what can I say except Napier town sucks! Give me Wellington anyday! Was going to go to Irmie and Rob's on Sat night only I got massive heartburn 2hrs before, so I ended up in bed at 7.30pm. Go me! Went shopping with ma on Sunday to get a few winter clothes. I'll need them!

Tue, Feb. 8th, 2005, 11:02 pm

I had a rather good today. Went to town to get some stuff. I wanted the elephant Breast Cancer Research top from Glassons, only they had them in white, not black, so I ordered one which comes on Saturday! Yay. Then I met up with dad's cousin from Auckland at Soak for lunch (had a chicken thing on turkish bread - real good!), then dropped my car off to mum. We decided to see the French movie the Triplets of Belleville, only we had 3 minutes to get from Hastings to Havelock North. Got there in 10 minutes which meant we missed the first few, however we had the whole cinema to ourselves so we could put our feet up and talk and loud as we want. The movie was rather quirky, but I really enjoyed it. Carl then decided he wanted to go to a winery so we headed out to Craggy Range. My god that place is gorgeous. I think we got extra good service as the boss was out having lunch with these Americans (possibly wine critics?) which was fantastic!  Then headed out to Clearview for tastings and found out I'm a Reisling girl! However I had a bit of an embarrassment.

Me:  I think I can taste the wine barrel in this wine? (It was a Blush)

Carl/Wine Lady: That's made in a steel container

Me: (*thinking*) Crap! I've just made one hell of an ass out of myself! I won't live this one down...

It's my aunty's birthday today so we went round to her place for dessert, and me and Gemma talked! Of course it was about uni, but nonetheless we had a discussion!

Beck - I booked an appointment at Guru with Sonya on Thursday, so fingers crossed it should turn out good.

Fri, Feb. 4th, 2005, 10:41 am

I know I shouldn't tempt you Lost people, but if you want to know about upcoming episodes go to http://abc.go.com/primetime/lost/episodes/2004-05/.html

I read episode 3 just now, and I'm getting far too confused with all the characters :S

Tue, Feb. 1st, 2005, 02:56 pm
For anyone who cares...

Well it's apparently offical now, Orlando and Kate have split up. At first I took it with a grain of salt but their publicist has confirmed it, and pro-Orlando/Kate sites have closed down due to the fact they are no more! Apparently their work kept them separated for too long so they're going solo, but remaining friends.

Thu, Jan. 27th, 2005, 09:45 pm

Ok so I apologise if this doesn't work, but for all those girls at the ROTK premiere:

Why weren't we there??? (Courtesy of lotrboys_daily on LiveJournal )

Thu, Jan. 27th, 2005, 09:33 pm

So I got back today from a weeks holiday in Auckland. It was really relaxing since we had Nick and he can't do too much in a day, so we paced ourselves. Rather enjoyable. Met up with the rellies and got all the Uni-questions and realsied that it's coming on sooner than I first thought! The shopping was rather dumb. I was on a limited budget, but I could only find a pair of shoes and a bra! I rarely enjoy coming home from Auckland with money leftover :( So we did some touristy things, like go to One Tree Hill. We had a grand 2 minutes there, Nick walked down one step and fell the next 15 and made sure everyone knew he was in pain!! Once he calmed off we stopped off in Cornwall Park and had a Rush Munro's ice-cream (can't seem to get away from it!) Also had a few mis-haps with myself reading the map, but I won't go into details.

Today I got my papers from NCEA. I missed out on ONE mark with my Listeing in French!! ONE MARK!! I'm so gutted. ALso with Film I was given a Merit, then that was crossed out and made a NA, and in Geo (Skills) I got an Acheived, yet the boxes had Achieved with Merit ticked. Have no idea what's going on there, but I suppose with at least 1000 papers to mark some papers will be screwed up. And I wonder why it rarely happened in School Cert/Bursary. Hmmmm

Me and Ma are going to town tomorrow to close down my Credit Union account and put it in my ANZ one. Two and a half weeks to go! I'm excited and nervous, but I do know it's going to be one hell of a great time

Thu, Jan. 13th, 2005, 10:52 am

Well today is January 13, and it is two people's birthday (that I know of), one my cousin, don't know how old she is, but still its her birthday! The other is the man who is sure to win the Hello! magazine Most Attractive Man of 2004 poll (of course I didn't vote every 15 mins!), Mr Orlando Bloom who turns a whole 28! Happy Birthday Orlando! and to Laurie of course, or maybe its Michaela, ones today and the other's tomorrow.....yup I'm a great cousin!

Mon, Jan. 10th, 2005, 01:20 pm

Well the results came today, and I have done rather bad by failing 7 papers (mostly from English, so I'm not that disappointed).

but here's my results from what did ok,:


Short Stories- Excellence



Virgil – Merit

Vases – Achieved

Alexander – Achieved



Tourism – Merit

Skills – Achieved



Issue Essay – Achieved (failed 2 papers, never saw that coming!!!)



Reading – Merit

Writing - Excellence

So I don't know if I'm disappointed with French, I knew I wouldn't do well, but with those marks I'm really stoked. In the end though, I got 91 credits and have gained Uni entrance, so I'm not crying about anything

Sun, Jan. 9th, 2005, 02:03 pm

Oh my God! I just had the greatest weekend of my life, so here’s the story:


At 8.50am, mum and I boarded the plane bound for Auckland. Was a bit bumpy in places, but apart from that twas great. We landed, hoping dad’s rellie Carl would be there with the welcome-entourage. No such luck. Eventually we found him as he was at the other end of the Arrivals gate, stupid Aucklanders have two arrival gates but don’t specify which one comes where!


Then we headed out to DressSmart, and I bought a top and a skirt. Nothing too exciting really. Had lunch in Ponsonby, had real good pancakes, well actually it was one really thick pancake, with a full banana sitting on top, smothered in maple sauce. Yum! Then we moved on to St lukes, where I bought another top from Jeans West ($19.95 down to $7.45, BARGAIN!) I was quite disappointed with the shops, so tomorrow I’m going to Napier-town for more shopping where I’m likely to find stuff I actually like!


But the reason we went there was for the greatest circus show on earth – Cirque Du Soleil: Quidam. It exceeded all my expectations. It had some freaky-circus music when we went into the first tent selling merchandise, but I got into the spirit! Then as we were walking around to Gate 8, we realized everyone else was queing at the other doors, not 8. But that was due to the fact we had damn good seats! Only problem was one of the lighting poles was in our way, but we only missed the first 2-3 seconds that the characters came on stage. I think we wwere 7 rows or so from the stage.


Major highlights of the performances:

-         A girl dangling from the roof with only a rope, how she managed it I do not know. She didn’t even have any wire, because that stuff was visible to our eyes.

-         Another girl dangling from a long piece of red scarf, she too had no wire. Honestly everyone time she moved I thought she’d fall, but she kept on going.

-         A guy holding onto some tight-ropes upside-down, and holding onto a girl. But you’ll never guess how he kept her in the air! She held onto a piece of strong material, which he held with his teeth!!!

-         I guy jumping onto a human pyramid, only the guys had two kneeling on the bottom, a guy standing on their backs, another guy standing on that guy’s shoulders, and then the next layer was from another guy who jumped up onto that guy’s shoulders! (I hope you can understand that)

-         The most incredible was a guy who held a woman up on the crook of his neck, with her body held above him, a bit hard to explain, but they formed a cross. That was awesome, and then he put his leg up to where his hands were, and she the same only puting her leg down so they were like a rectangle tilted (I don’t know the correct name of the shape.)


So it was a great night and I didn’t want it to end! Am seriously thinking of going to the next one…..  


ETA: the icon is from www.stellardream.net, could someone tell me how I credit the website? I'm not too knowledgable on these sorts of things

Sun, Jan. 2nd, 2005, 10:43 pm

Ok so I know I shoule be over the whole dislike Kate Bosworth thing, but come on, for someone who's supposedly intelliegent she comes across as a girl two French fries shorter than a happy meal.

From the January issue of GQ Magazine:

"Great Danes are just, like, so great, aren't they? They're just, like, big dogs! I know! Yeah, yeah, Great Danes are great. Oh, my God, they just so are."     

"It's amazing. Because if you, like, have everybody taking ten minutes a day and really focusing on, like, positivity and a better world and a better self, like, imagine all that, just all that positivity going out there?"

"God, I'm hot from that tea. Woo. All the sudden, I'm like, woo, warm! That actually happens to me if I have a hot drink? Yeah, yeah."

That's only three, but you get my point! I don't think the interviewer liked her all too much.

I had a bit of my argument with my boss today. Apparently because I'm a 'casual employee' (yet I have regular ROSTERED work)  I am not entitled to a day in lieu, as it's not my regular hours. I've worked the past 6 weekends, how canthat not be classified as regular hours. I talked to mum about it as she does the wages at her work and says I am entitled to at least one, so if Graeme refuses to give me an alternative holiday then shes marching her hiney down to Palmers for a little word. The guy really annoys me at most times!

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